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Don't get overzealous about the next president of the USA

They're all shady!
Concern yourself with the obstacles you have overcame & guess what.....

You'll overcome the "next" as well!


3 Anonymous Hackers Arrested By French Police

February 26th, 2016 | by legion
On Tuesday, three Anonymous hackers were arrested by the French police. The three Anonymous hackers are aged between 22-27 years old. As these hackers had hacked into the important websites of government agencies and leaked the...
Anon Verdict Releases Info of 52 Police Officers for Shooting Death of Black Man with Fake Gun

Anon Verdict Releases Info of 52 Police Officers for Shooting Death of Black Man with Fake Gun

February 25th, 2016 | by CoNN
The personal details of 52 Cincinnati Police Department officers were released by an Anonymous group calling itself Anon Verdict recently. It was  consequential for the Police Department’s handling of a police shooting...
Anonymous Leaks Out Personal Information of 52 Police Officers

Anonymous Leaks Out Personal Information of 52 Police Officers

February 24th, 2016 | by legion
Anonymous has declared a cyber war against the Cincinnati Police Department after the brutal killing of a man who was innocent and didn’t mean to harm anyone. On February 17th 2016, Paul Gaston, 37, had experienced an...
NASA Hacked by AnonSec, Data Released

NASA Hacked by AnonSec, Data Released

February 19th, 2016 | by AnonWatcher
AnonSec have released data from NASA’s internal network databases after spending months inside its framework. The files, a collection compiled of more than 276GB of data, has been provided to Alex Jones’ Infowars prior to...
Anonymous – Operation Africa

Anonymous – Operation Africa

February 17th, 2016 | by righteous
#OpAfrica One of the more interesting operation going on right now within Anonymous right now is OpAfrica. This operation has been launched on a number of fronts depending on the people in the countries involved. The Anons of the...
Anonymous – The Fate of Humanity Is In Your Hands Brothers and Sisters!

Anonymous – The Fate of Humanity Is In Your Hands Brothers and Sisters!

February 14th, 2016 | by hqanon
“Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding.” – Albert Einstein.   Transcript of the video: Greetings citizens of the world, There’s been a lot in the news lately; From...
AnonSec tries to crash $222.7m drone, releases NASA employee data and secret flight videos

AnonSec tries to crash $222.7m drone, releases NASA employee data and secret flight videos

February 11th, 2016 | by Anon.Dos
Anonymous Security (AnonSec) has affirmed that it has seen valuable data from the National Aeronautics & Space Administration and compromised one of the space department’s remote controlled airplanes, forcing NASA to...
Barrett Brown: Down but certainly not Out

Barrett Brown: Down but certainly not Out

February 8th, 2016 | by AnonWatcher
Barrett Brown, imprisoned for federal charges relating to the 2011 Stratfor hack, still sits in his cell while waiting for his 63-month sentence to end. The most controversial of charges against Barrett Brown, linked to hacked...
Anonymous Doxxes Pro-Rapist “Roosh V” #OpGlasgowKiss Launched

Anonymous Doxxes Pro-Rapist “Roosh V” #OpGlasgowKiss Launched

February 8th, 2016 | by AnonWatcher
Anonymous have doxed a doxer who believes raping a woman is a right. “Roosh V,” the misogynist rape advocate has angered people over his claims that rape should be legalized on private property. His call to turn a woman’s...
AnonHQ Undergoes Renovations

AnonHQ Undergoes Renovations

January 31st, 2016 | by righteous
The new year has brought in some new changes to the pages of AnonHQ, changes which has been months in the making. For those of you who regularly follow us but may not be aware AnonHQ runs various pages in conjunction with the...
Anonymous Attacks Nigerian Government

Anonymous Attacks Nigerian Government

January 29th, 2016 | by righteous
Friday – January 8, 2016 hackers affiliating with Anonymous out have declared cyber War on the Nigerian government for abuses of power and neglect of the Nigerian people. The attackers released a detailed document outlining...
Anonymous shuts down Tokyo airport website for arrested anti-whaling activist

Anonymous shuts down Tokyo airport website for arrested anti-whaling activist

January 29th, 2016 | by AnonWatcher
Anonymous shut down the main Tokyo airport website in response to the arrest of an American anti-whaling activist. For several hours over the last weekend Narita airport went offline after a DDos attack. The retaliation came at a...

What is thing called "Love"?


My Deepest Inversion of Spirit


   My Deepest Inversion of Spirit - 2012'

 I was talking / chatting on a social site and unknowingly, stumbled over my deepest inversion of Spirit.

 I met an older White woman about a year or so ago. We chatted and emailed, so on and so forth.

 She began trying to recruit me into Christianity. That rubbed me wrong right from the beginning yet we continued to talk.

 Days came and days went. At some point in time; she straight out told me that I was wrong. I had shared a trusted belief that if a person were only to be allowed to eat rabbit; that person would starve to death due to the theory that a rabbit requires more calories for digestion than it provides in sustenance.

 Mind you, I never said this to be a fact. I said it based on, “How to Survive Anything, Anywhere” by Chris McNab.

 I should have cut off communication at that point yet “Nick” often desires to, “play the game”. (First portion of my inversion of spirit).

 I don't believe in facts; anything “factual” today can and may be destroyed when held over the test of time. Infinite does not mean indefinite.


 Minute conflicts of opinion took place randomly and I interpreted this as idle crap not to be concerned about;
 I was still in denial or unaware of true self.

 I found out that I AM truly undesirable to myself when it comes to, “letting go” and True Forgiveness.
 I have doubt in ever having witnessed a model of True Forgiveness to contemplate such thoughts for myself. My past environments certainly provided no nurturing for what, “then” seemed lofty thought.
 I actually have been lying to myself under the false pretense of forgiving.

 Wait, it goes to a much greater depth.

 This potion of my manifested spirit will bait others into a false sense of being forgiven only to create the vortex of security for that individual.
 This portion of me is so devious, so treacherous as to wait any length of time to exact the psychological blow that I deem appropriate.

 Remember when I wrote about “feeling” off balance?

 I find myself questioning whether or not if I have ever forgiven anyone for anything.

 I'm confessing that I have waited beyond the length of other's lives and still feel ill will towards some for utterances, vibrations through air.

 I admit that I AM a psychological sinner by these means yet this is not to convey that this concludes my list. I dare trust that I'm a psychological sociopath / terrorist if such a label exists.

 I'm disgusted with “self” for the moment and have but one healthy choice. My quest for Peace by Divine Guidance leaves no option.
 I must aggressively attack and remove this character defect now with no substitutions in ambiguity.

 Nick laid in wait on so many people over the years and psychologically destroyed so many moments. Though a person may have made the first remark, that has no bearing on my properly guided responses if “proper” they were to be.
 Why would I harbor such depths of vindictiveness and at what costs?

 Something must be eating at my core in order for this manifestation to carry such magnitude and volatility.
 I gather it's origin created within the bullying from my past as well as my childhood memories of my family as such. I was verbally assassinated as a child along with other forms of abuse.

 My past provides no shield for defense of action or the luxury of excuse!


 I trust myself to create the Wholeness needed.

 My conscious / subconscious thoughts and actions have been abhorrently cruel, vindictive, inhumane deeds of emotional grand larceny...for lack of any better terms. (I don't believe in the devil; this was me).

 My only saving grace and glimmer of light is that I have identified the thief of my Wholeness that allows me to be Whole with you.
 No, I don't do the, “work on it” thingy. All my thoughts and actions are in the “Now” and so too the resolution is to be found and implemented in the “Now”.
 This simply can not continue on any level of my being.

 Some may believe I'm appealing to some fear of hell. That's not it, there is no hell and there is no evil, simply lack of Love.

 The opposite of Love is no more than a void or an abyss.
I'm appealing to the Divine Wholeness created by Divine Guidance in which lack of either creates the imbalanced self unable to extend Peace so therefore unable to receive Peace.

 Thinking thinking, I must hold in reserve ill will towards my mother, ex-wives, friends and family long gone.
 I fully trust that I can not make any type of apology that would suffice the thoughts and behavior. However, I can change the thoughts and fill the void of the originating lack of Love.


 Fully apologizing to all individuals by adding positivity and “Better Will” to the Universal Equation in the belief that these actions will be felt by the latter victims is taking place with absolute urgency at greater depth with each stroke of the key.

 If the opportunity ever arises, I will apologize in that moment. I further trust that adding any form of communication at this time would be similar to, “fuel upon the fire”.

 That was the easy part.
 The more difficult portion of this is in the creating of the solution for the very “Now” second and all the next seconds that follow.

 This is where it really begins.

 I now must seek a stronger means by which I deal with verbal attacks upon myself. The Tiger is asking for a reprieve within sympathy where none exists.
 It seems no words have ever harmed me as much as I've harmed others with them. Perhaps early words did nurture this portion of being as rightly defined by the symbol of this writing.

 Is this the case and does it matter when it comes to completing, “I AM's” tasks at hand? It does not.

 The I AM dictates that I must endure whatever that it may take to never psychologically sin “Now”.

 Fully interpreting that there is no tomorrow for those of the I AM.
I take this moment to say, “I was of the void” and apologize for any harm that I may have caused voluntarily or involuntarily. The level of consciousness in which I created this void is of no significance.

 I fully trust that the readers of this writing will feel the incidentals of my essentials as put forth in purity of thought, speech and deed.

 Had this woman earned her reward of being emotionally raped with her innuendo of racist White supremest remarks? I do not know. I do feel I was not chosen for such retaliation and that this has nothing to do with my realm of “Forgiveness”.
 I did not alter in the substance of my “Now” action.

 I give fair warning that I am new at this creation of deeper thoughts and actions of Forgiveness. To play with me is to play at your own risk. My old self may emerge and HE WILL win within the loss suffered by all.
 My old self objectifies everything and everyone down to a fraction within his equation. You were no more than a variable within a constant.


And God spoke – did a bit of better work on yourself; how do you feel?


Nick– I'm not lost yet that punk in me has his fears about my success in turning the page.

God– Did I give you fear or the “I AM” which you possess?

Nick– You are the I AM to which I AM you, to a lesser degree, that should have no fear.

God– Hahahaha, PUNK, was fear on the list of things I told you to bring to my boot camp?

Nick– I got you, HAH, you're speaking of my “void” of Love in self, not me. Are you feeling tricky this morning Old Man?
God– No my Son, I badger in the greatest form of Admiration and Love, “Nikko”, when I created your spirit in the conditions as such; I made you “One of Those Kind”.
 Pssst, if fear wasn't on my list of items to have, it has no reason of being in any form. Fear is also of the abyss.
But before you smile, you have a list of've been a busy boy.
 Lets see, 456,000,000 Inverted Spirit A Felonies; 278,943,500,31.041 Misdemeanors; shit, I'll just skip the citations, I have less planets than your number in that sense.

Nick– What, do you think me ignorant enough to speak?


God– Hahahaha, that's the best move yet, “Slick One”.
Here's what we're going to do; I'm going to reduce all these charges to a symbol yet to be created.
 I'm going to adjudicate sentencing and put you on Divine Probation for life!
 Every moment of your being, you will seek to define, implement and maintain a Greater sense of Forgiveness as set forth by Divine Guidance.
 Look at your charges my Son and see clearly that I have shown you “By” best example.

Nick– Yeeaaahhh, I was going to ask, “What's next” and thought better of it.
 Dude, what man in his right mind would want to blow himself up within the belief of getting 44, 77, virgins as a prize.? Are they nuts? I was a pimp and couldn't handle 3 complaining, bleeding pissing and moaning....
God– STOP, I KNEW IT! You couldn't make it through one damn prayer without another charge.......HAHAHAH
 GO TO SLEEP and think about your responsibility of Forgiveness and *&%$$%, what others say about you is true to a degree. You are Shot Out yet your vigilant efforts in seeking the Light does provide me with a many a yuk yuk.

Baali grows towards the Ishi.

    Niko J
*This is a very old writing and my outlook on life has changed, Great reference.

The Value Line: Diversify Your Skills to Build a Better Career

The Value Line: Diversify Your Skills to Build a Better Career

For every skill that you could possibly have, there is a level of skill for which people will pay you. Below that, you pay others to do these things—that’s what I call the “value line.” So how do careers play into this idea? A career is simply one area where you’ve carefully crafted a skill to be far above the value line. Learn new skills, and you’ll find more opportunities to be above the value line.
This post originally appeared on The Simple Dollar.
My father was always a “jack of all trades” kind of guy. He was an absolute stellar gardener. He was a very good small-scale commercial fisherman, able to catch hundreds of pounds of fish in a single day. He held down a fairly technical job at a factory that involved computer operation and diagnosing problems with a part picker (a machine that would pull parts out of storage bins and send them on conveyor belts to other sections of the factory), among other duties. He could repair a lot of different things as well.
Some of his friends and relatives had those skills to an even greater degree. He had friends that were functional carpenters, plumbers, electricians, and many other things. He had friends that could hunt and forage for food and find all kinds of valuable treasures just walking around in nature. They ran strange little microbusinesses and always seemed to be dabbling in something different.
The thing is, I often couldn’t figure out for the life of me what some of his friends actually did for a living. A few of them were farmers, I suppose, and a few of them worked in the same factory where he worked. Others? To this day, I’m still not sure what they did for a living. They always seemed to be working on projects of some kind or another, usually things that seemed to make them happy, and they seemed to be able to put food on the table.
As I grew older, I viewed going to college and building a career as essential. I tended to view my father and particularly his friends as oddities in terms of their professional approach. They really didn’t have a career in any clear way that I could see. They just did … things … and seemed to make ends meet.
So, I went off to college. I built a career. And, before too long, what did I find myself doing?
I built a side business. Eventually, I walked away from that career and started focusing on the side business. I built several other side businesses and income streams as well.
Today, how do I spend my day? I work on projects of some kind or another, usually things that make me happy, and I’m able to put food on the table.
So, what happened? What caused that transition? I attribute a lot of the shift to something that I call the value line.

The Value Line in a Nutshell

For every skill that you could possibly have in life, there is a level of skill for which people will pay you. Below that, there’s a level of skill where you pay others to do these things. The line that divides the two is what I call the “value line.” (It’s also worth noting that right around that value line is a gray area of “do it yourself.”)
Let me give you an example: plumbing. An experienced plumber is one who could handle basically any home plumbing problem without much problem. Water is flooding the basement? A plumber can figure out that problem and fix it. Obviously, an experienced plumber can handle their own home plumbing problems.
On the other hand, a person who knows little about plumbing will often see a plumbing issue and simply call one of those experienced plumbers to solve the problem. This person is below the value line when it comes to plumbing, while the experienced plumber that they call is above the value line when it comes to plumbing. The experienced plumber makes money from plumbing issues; a person without plumbing skills spends money because of plumbing issues.
You can make a similar example from almost anything in life. Some people make popular YouTube videos, while others watch them. Some people make meals that others are willing to pay for, while others order food at a restaurant. Some people change the oil on cars for themselves and for others, while others drive down to Jiffy Lube. Some people catch hundreds of pounds of fish, while others buy them at the grocery store or the fish market.
The people that make money in those situations are above the value line. The people that spend money are below the value line.

Careers and the Value Line

So, how do careers play into this idea? A career is simply one area where you’ve carefully crafted a skill or a small set of skills to be far above the value line, so that people will pay you for that skill.
For example, my earlier career involved computer analysis of research data. This required me to have a handful of very honed skills—some computer programming, the ability to understand the data, and a few other things. In those skill areas, I was far above the value line, and so I was able to be a great candidate for jobs that utilized those skills.
Here’s the thing, though. In many career paths, you don’t have to be very far above the value line to make decent money, and only people way, way over that line make a lot of money.
The fact that I was even above the value line at all in those skills at the same time made me valuable to the people that hired me. I was (and still am) far from the best computer programmer in the world. I was (and still am) far from a true expert in the areas of research that I was required to understand. Still, I knew enough to know what the big sets of data meant, how to organize them, and how to help other people use those big data sets to answer questions that they might have in a (reasonably) intuitive way.
I had a few skills that were somewhat honed—but not world class—but those few skills were enough to be the foundation of a career.
This is true of almost every career path out there. Almost every career path is made up of a fairly handful of similar skills that a person has honed. They stand out within that career pack by honing just those skills even further.
Now, within that career field, honing those key skills more and more is a bright strategy. The more certifications you earn, the better. The more projects you complete, the better. The more career-specific skills you can list on your resume, the better.

A Diversity of Skills

However, for every other field in the world, it’s not all that good of a strategy.A construction firm is probably not going to hire a systems analyst, for example. A manufacturing firm isn’t going to care about your skills if they’re not manufacturing related.
This factor, along with the idea that you don’t need to be too far above the value line to earn money in a field, points to a completely different strategy for earning income in your life. Rather than putting all of your eggs in one career basket, learn a lot of different skills that you can bring to the table to make money in a lot of different situations.
You’re no longer chained tightly to the same job because you have a wide skill set that can find you employment in a number of areas. You have countless opportunities to start up a side gig or do some freelance work to earn some additional income. You’re also primed to move to a completely different career if that’s the way the wind is blowing.
Not only that, you become a better asset in your current career path, especially if your skills are of secondary use in that path. Almost every career can use people who have skills in public speaking, presentation, and project management and organization. Many, many more skills crop up over and over again in careers, making people who have them more valuable to their employer and just a little more marketable in their career path.
The more skills you have that are above the value line, the better.

Five Strategies for Building Skills and Finding Your Value Line

How can you use this knowledge? How can you effectively build up skills that are above this so-called “value line” while still working on your current career path and enjoying life? Here are five strategies I employ for building up value line skills in my busy life.

Strategy #1: Spend Time Every Day Learning Something

Every single day, you should spend some time learning something significant that builds toward a real skill that you’d like to learn. A good day is one where you know something when you go to bed that you didn’t know when you woke up.
Of course, for this to make sense, you have to identify at least one skill you’re actively trying to build (you might be trying to build several at once). That way, whatever it is that you choose to learn that day, it fits in with that skill.
Maybe you can learn that knowledge by reading a book chapter or watching a YouTube video or viewing a website or even using an app like Duolingo. The key thing is to bite off a significant enough chunk so that you feel like you’re actually acquiring real knowledge that you didn’t have the day before.
Let me give you a couple of examples of what I mean.
Let’s say I’m trying to learn Spanish, which is a perfect example of the type of skill one might want to learn. Being conversant in a language is a great example of an “above the value line” kind of skill.
For learning a language, I cannot recommend Duolingo highly enough, as it breaks language learning down into a number of lessons that challenge you with both reading, writing, speaking, and matching words with images so that you learn the language in many directions. For me, picking up a new idea or a set of ideas would be working on a group of lessons for half an hour or so.
Another example might come from learning to play the guitar. There are a lot of good YouTube video series that can teach you how to play the guitar, or you can pay for lessons in person or via Skype. For me, finishing a full lesson and running through the exercises to both add something new to what I’ve learned and reinforcing the old stuff would be key.

Strategy #2: Spend Time Every Day Applying What You Learned

It’s not just enough to learn new things in a complete vacuum, though. You need to continually apply what you’ve learned in real-world (or approximately real-world) tasks. It’s that ability to apply what you know into things that others will find useful that builds up a true “above the value line” skill.
For example, once I’ve done a Spanish lesson, I might then try to read and translate a simple Spanish document to test my skills. Can I actually use those new skills in the context of doing some simple translating with the training wheels off? With the guitar lesson, I might try to play a song using the chord or the fingering technique that I learned today, working through that song several times until it’s passable.
This whole strategy works for almost any skill you might be trying to pick up. Learn something new about that skill each day, but then apply that new thing you learned along with what you’ve already learned to do something practical with it.

Strategy #3: Focus on Project-Oriented Things

At first, applying what you’ve learned is going to come down to really simple things. It’s very hard to put your first crude steps of skill learning into any bigger context.
However, as soon as you can, you should start applying the things you’ve learned to some kind of larger project.
For example, rather than just working on the opening riff of a song on the guitar, start focusing on mastering a whole song as early as it seems feasible to work through it. Rather than just working to master a few random words in a language, work on translating something from that language to your own, or vice versa. Rather than just writing a “Hello world!” computer program, work on writing a piece of software that’s useful to you.
There are two reasons for this. First, having something to work towards makes the “applying” strategy (#2, above) much more clear and obvious. Second, if you’re working on a project, you’re going to be producing something that’s actually compelling and interesting eventually. You’re taking steps toward that every time you work on it.

Strategy #4: Complete, Complete, Complete

No matter what skills you choose to build and no matter what projects you decide to take on, don’t just leave them in a partially finished heap and move on. If you choose to take on a project, carry that project to completion.
Why? There are two reasons why people abandon a project. One is that the project proved more difficult than they thought. That’s a perfect reason to keep pushing, as it gives you a gauntlet to work through to improve your skills.
The other is that they feel their skills and time are better used elsewhere. In that case, sticking with the project and carrying it through trains you in the fine art of perseverance, which is one of the strongest personal skills that a person can have. Being able to stick with something and carry it through to the end is an invaluable skill.
Not only that, it’s the completed projects that you genuinely want to polish up and share with other people.

Strategy #5: Sell and Share What You Make

This might not be a good idea for the very first (or second) product you make with your budding skills, but you should transition into sharing and selling what you produce as quickly as possible.
Let’s say you’ve decided to make informative videos on a particular topic of interest to you. This allows you to learn video production skills as well as dig deeper into your topic of interest. Rather than simply making the videos and hoping someone buys them, put them on YouTube as soon as you have a video that isn’t a complete disaster. It doesn’t even need to be good in your eyes, as long as it conveys the message.
Don’t be afraid to try to share the skills you have before they’re razor sharp, because to a self-critical person, their own skills are never razor sharp. I stilldon’t think I’m all that great of a writer (I think what talent I have is writingokay stuff in high volume), but I decided to just start putting it out there anyway with a few ads attached to make a few dollars. Start offering up your skills and the products of your skills sooner rather than later. You’ll be glad you did.

The Middle Ground: Do It Yourself

If your reaction to this is that it sounds good, but it’s an insecure professional leap, I completely agree. It’s not a secure professional leap.
Instead, the value it provides to you is that you no longer have to hire skilled people to take care of many ordinary things in your life—or at least not nearly as frequently.
If you work on building plumbing skills, you can fix your home plumbing emergencies. You can do things like replacing a faucet or fixing a leaky sink.
If you work on building electrical skills, you can do things like installing an outlet or installing a ceiling fan without breaking a sweat.
If you work on building cooking skills, eating out becomes a significantly less interesting option most of the time. Trust me—I’d rather make food for myself at home than eat out because the stuff at home tastes better.
Not only that, with such a diversity of skills, you’ll often stumble upon opportunities to use them to earn a few dollars. Someone might pay you $40 to fix their toilet or to take a look at their car. You might write a book in your spare time and make $20 a month with the completed book sitting on the Kindle store. These aren’t life-changing things, but they can really add up to make a difference.

Final Thoughts

If there’s one take-home message you should learn from this, it’s this: You can create a lot of financial stability and a lot of financial opportunity in your life by building a wide variety of skills in your spare time.
Having a lot of skills widens your horizons in terms of things you can do to earn a living. It can save you a lot of money in your day-to-day life. It can also open the doors to side businesses which, as I’ve learned in my own life, can sometimes grow up much bigger than you expect.
Whenever you feel bored or have some spare time, devote that time to learning a new skill or honing an old one. Read about it or watch videos, then put in the time to put that skill to the test by tackling real problems with that skill. Not only will you build a skill, you’ll also create something useful for yourself along the way, and the more you hone your various skills, the better your results will be.
Soon, you might just find yourself spending your days working on projects of some kind or another, usually things that make you happy, and you will be able to put food on the table along the way. The source of all of it is having a healthy set of skills above the value line.
Good luck in exceeding the “value line” as many times as you can.

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