Wednesday, August 23, 2017

"I'm serious, I'm hiring bikini models for my new line of Custom Muscle Trucks"

As usual, this blog's purpose has been served & yet another chapter opens

Open Independent Contractor / Limited Positions

Have you ever thought about amateur modeling?
You get to keep your clothes on and you get to travel throughout Brevard, Orange, and Volusia counties. You'll be introducing our new series of Muscle Trucks, Hot Karts and Yachts.

(Women without the ability to gain a passport can only be used locally)

The pay in the beginning is not great, this is not like in the movies but you'll always have a little spending cash, you'll meet influential people and who knows, you may be the 1 in a million to hit it big?

Sys Nica / Systems Nicaragua will create your web page and listing with Linkedin, Career Builder, Indeed and more reputable places than BackPage or the dreaded C-List.

*I don't care what you do at home but there will be no drugs of any kind tolerated while contracted.

321-352-3097 or

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