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Fast Cars in Daytona Beach Meet Lightning Fast Fiber Optic Connections

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. January 16, 2018 – Hotwire Communications, a leading provider of fiber optic telecommunications systems, is bringing its high-speed broadband services and advanced amenities to ONE DAYTONA, a premier mixed-use entertainment destination being developed by International Speedway Corporation (ISC). Just across from the Daytona International Speedway, Hotwire Communications will install a 100% fiber optic backbone to deliver 1-gigabit capability, making Fision Internet the perfect choice for a community known for its love of speed.
A specialized line of high-end products uniquely qualifies Hotwire Communications for the upcoming ONE DAYTONA mixed-use project. With Fision Stay designed specifically for the hospitality industry, Fision Home for residential customers and Fision Work for commercial businesses, every subscriber receives custom tailored service packages designed for their specific needs.
“We excel at mixed-used projects,” said Max R. Kipfer, Hotwire’s EVP & Regional Manager. “Our future-proof, all fiber optic infrastructure delivers best-of-class products and services which supports today’s growing technology demand for every type customer.”
ONE DAYTONA opened in the fourth quarter of 2017, featuring retail, dining and entertainment district anchored by Bass Pro Shops and Cobb Theatres, along with two hotels including a full-service Marriott Autograph Collection opening in late 2018, a Fairfield Inn and Suites by Marriott, and a residential apartment community. ONE DAYTONA will quickly become synonymous with visitors, race fans and residents as the place to live, work, stay and play.
“ISC is pleased to work with Hotwire Communications to bring advanced telecomm and entertainment services to our ONE DAYTONA tenants”, said Craig Neeb, Executive Vice President, Chief Development and Digital Officer. “This will significantly enhance the guest experience and provide a platform for future digital growth and enhancements.”
Hotwire Communications has a proven track record delivering quality products and services to mixed-use developments.  ONE DAYTONA end-users will now have access to an unparalleled technology experience that includes ultra-high-speed Gigabit Internet, a complete Wi-Fi campus featuring rich IPTV programming in crystal clear HD programming, and the ability to download music and movies with no buffering.  Commercial businesses on site will also be able to upload and download large data files to work securely in the cloud at unprecedented speeds.
Do you have an affinity for great chocolates and frozen deserts?
If you know this blog, I don't run ads unless I love the product with no pay.
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About International Speedway Corporation:
International Speedway Corporation is a leading promoter of motorsports activities, currently promoting more than 100 racing events annually as well as numerous other motorsports-related activities. The Company owns and/or operates 13 of the nation’s major motorsports entertainment facilities, including Daytona International Speedway® in Florida (home of the DAYTONA 500®); Talladega Superspeedway® in Alabama; Michigan International Speedway® located outside Detroit; Richmond International Raceway® in Virginia; Auto Club Speedway of Southern CaliforniaSM near Los Angeles; Kansas Speedway® in Kansas City, Kansas; Phoenix International Raceway® in Arizona; Chicagoland Speedway® and Route 66RacewaySM near Chicago, Illinois; Homestead-Miami SpeedwaySM in Florida; Martinsville Speedway® in Virginia; Darlington Raceway® in South Carolina; and Watkins Glen International® in New York.
The Company also owns and operates Motor Racing NetworkSM, the nation’s largest independent sports radio network, and Americrown Service CorporationSM, a subsidiary that provides catering services, and food and beverage concessions. In addition, the Company has a 50 percent interest in the Hollywood Casino at Kansas Speedway. For more information, visit the Company’s website at
About Hotwire Communications: Hotwire Communications is an industry leader in providing Gigabit connectivity and streaming video solutions to multi-family and multi-tenant communities. For over a decade, Hotwire Communications has stood at the forefront of the Gigabit revolution, installing fiber optic networks and delivering 1 Gbps speeds since 2005 and 10 Gbps connectivity available to new communities in 2016. Hotwire Communications provides state-of-the-art technology, superior white-glove customer care, and a full suite of bundled telecommunication services to residential, commercial, hospitality, government and student living environments through its Fision® Home, Work, Stay, U, Govt. and Encore divisions.
For more information please visit
Media Contact:
Karla Thatcher –

For those thinking Trump is the problem

 Trump is "only a portion" of the problem. The greater portion of the problem you say good morning to every day. Trump couldn't have elected himself and the Electoral college can only cheat but so much.
 It took the majority of votes to elect Donald Trump and if you have half a brain you'll figure out that the majority of Americans are your problem, it took their votes to place him in office.
 *One last tid bit, many voted for Trump to avoid Hilary and the Clintons, she didn't know her husband was having sexual relations outside the marriage, she didn't know many things in Benghazi like guns being shipped through the compound and she didn't know that the deal with Iran was a horrible decision just to name a few "didn't knows".
 Now what she did seem to know is that every time she approached the podium in debates, she could bob her head like the dog in the vehicle's back window and win the election, how'd that work out?

*If I really wanted to piss you off I'd talk about democratic voter turn outs.

Seeking Native American Spirituality: Read This First!

Judging from the email I get, there are a lot of people out there trying to learn about traditional Native American religion and spirituality these days. Many of them are trying to do this on the Internet.

Now, there is a lot of garbage and misinformation on the Internet no matter what subject you're talking about, but American Indian religion and spirituality has got to have the worst signal-noise ratio of any of them. The 'information' out there about American Indian religions ranges from inaccurate school projects by seven-year-olds, to deeply biased generalizations about the 'heathens' written 300 years ago, to hucksters pretending to be Native American shamans to scam money off of people, to useful and interesting information about actual American Indian religious traditions past and present. Sorting through these sites can be a nightmare. I wish you a lot of luck with it. Before you start, let me give you a few words of experience.

There are two reasons to be looking for information on Native American religions. The first, and easier to address, is educational. Either because you're a student who's been assigned to or just out of intellectual and cultural curiosity, you would like to learn more about how American Indians, or a particular tribe of American Indians, view the world. If that's you, then your main problem is going to be identifying the authentic and trustworthy sources. Indians are happy to talk about their beliefs and spiritual practices, both historically and in the modern day. Unfortunately, so are plenty of ill-informed non-Indians (or people of Indian descent) who think they know a lot more than they do. And so are those unscrupulous souls willing to pretend they're something they're not in hopes of making a buck or getting a little attention. My best recommendation is to get a Native American book out of the library as well as looking on the Internet, since any quack shaman can put up a website but it's a lot harder to publish a book. I also suggest ignoring and avoiding information about American Indian spirituality presented by anyone:
1. Offering anything religious for sale. Money is never accepted by authentic holy people in exchange for Indian religious ceremonies like sweat lodges or sun dances, nor for religious items like medicine bags or smudged items. (They might sell arts and crafts, of course. Use your common sense--a devout Catholic might sell you a hand-carved crucifix to hang on your wall, for example, but he wouldn't sell communion wafers over the Internet or charge you admission to bring you to his church! Selling dreamcatchers or fetish carvings online is one thing, but don't believe information provided by anyone who is trying to charge people for smudging or blessing anything, offering healing prayers, or letting people take part in a sweat lodge or dance. They are not authentic sources of information.)

2. Inviting you into their religion on their webpage. Authentic Indians may seek to educate strangers online, but actually adopting an outsider as part of their culture is only done face-to-face and after knowing the person for some time.

3. Claiming to be American Indian shamans , talking about tarot cards and Wiccan/pagan things, or talking about crystals and New Age things. I've got nothing against shamanism, paganism, or the New Age, but a cow is not a horse: none of these things are traditionally Native American. Shamanism is an indigenous Siberian mystic tradition, Wicca is a religion based on ancient European traditions, Tarot readings are an Indo-European divination method, and the New Age is a syncretic belief system invented, as its name suggests, in the modern era. None of them have anything to do with authentic Indian traditions, and anyone who thinks they do is likely to be wrong about anything else he claims about Native American religions as well. Wiccans and New Agers don't have any more knowledge about actual American Indian beliefs than you do.

4. Identifying only as 'Native American' or 'American Indian' (an authentic person would list their actual tribal affiliation). Be a little wary, too, of people trying to speak with authority who identify as "mixed-blood" or "of Indian descent" or having a "Cherokee ancestor." There are certainly some mixed-blood people who were raised in their tribe's culture, but many more were not. A person who has rediscovered his Indian heritage as an adult is a seeker, not a teacher. He is not qualified to speak authoritatively about Native American religion or culture, for he wasn't raised that way and doesn't have any more knowledge about it than anyone else learning about it second-hand--including you.
If you're trying to learn about American Indian religion because you want to become a part of it, though, you not only face that problem, but another, much deeper one as well: American Indian spirituality is not evangelistic. It is private and entirely cultural. You cannot convert to 'Native American' any more than you can convert to African-American or Korean or any other cultural identity you would need to be raised in to understand. (In fact, many Indians--myself included--are Christians in addition to our traditional tribal beliefs, just like many African-American and Korean people are Christian in addition to having an ethnicity of their own.) The only way to 'join' a Native American spiritual tradition is to become a member of the cultural group, and it's impossible to do that over the Internet. No one who truly believed in American Indian spirituality would ever offer to tutor total strangers in religious matters online, much less charge anyone money for such a thing. So, by definition, the people who make these offers are those who either don't really believe in Native American spirituality, or don't know very much about it. Is that really who you want to be listening to?

On our site, we have generally given people the benefit of the doubt with our links, including websites unless we are sure there is a reason not to. Regarding Native American religion and spirituality, however, we have decided to err on the side of caution instead. Anyone who is looking for a new religion or seeking spiritual truth is a needy individual and I will not contribute to their being used by irresponsible people. If you are reading this page because you are a person in need of religious and spiritual guidance, I urge you strongly to seek out some religions that are evangelistic rather than cultural (one of the many Christian churches, Buddhism, Baha'i; there are many choices) and talk to spiritual leaders there until you find one that can help you. Falling under the influence of a false 'shaman' will only hurt you spiritually.

Since I have put this page up, I have received many anguished emails saying "But my grandmother was part Cherokee... are you telling me to just forget that part of myself? How can I honor my Native ancestors if you won't share your religion with me?" The answer is simple: honor them the way they would want to be honored. Don't pay some new-age guru $250 to perform fake "Native American" rituals that would have offended your ancestors, go physically to their tribe and re-connect with their other descendants. It will be hard work convincing the people there that you are genuine but if you go with humility and patience you will eventually be accepted, and that is the ONLY way you will ever become part of the spiritual tradition you desire. There is no shortcut to that. Native spirituality belongs only to the cultural group, and anyone who tells you otherwise is trying to make some money off of you and/or to take a power trip at your expense.

You've been warned. Good luck, with whatever it is you're looking for. You're probably going to need it.

Full article with links >

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Primarily for my Central American viewers

 As most already know, I had been looking for a female model for the race trucks, yes, now there are 2. 
 I had a small showing but to put it bluntly, they were on the larger side so...
 As long as you don't live in Nicaragua with an insane temporary visa application, I'll fly you in for a weekend, take 50 great pics, go to the track, purchase your modeling gear and send you home with cash.

*I had a woman get angry with me because she literally could not fit in my truck.

The Toys for Sale

Marine Electrical AC / DC Tech

 Here are the panels on my 30 Amp boat. Winter is difficult when attempting to run heaters, microwave, fridge and freezer all at the same time.
 Can you see what I did to solve the problem?

 Here are the basics:

How To Wire (or re-wire) a boat

I know what you’re thinking.  “How does this lunatic think he’s going to cover such a complex topic as – how to wire a boat – in one post?
Well – you’re right – I won’t be able to cover every situation, or every possible setup on every boat.  And if all this info is new to you, you’re probably best hiring a professional marine electrician to do it for you (local install support directory).  But, I’ll try anyway to explain some of the general theory and best practices in hopes it will help.
In this guide I’m going to stick with the 12Vdc power distributions systems.  I’m not going to muddy the waters with engine or gauge wiring here.

A few notes before we start:
  • Positive wires are red
  • Negative wires are black (or yellow in some cases)
  • Current is measured in Amps (A)
  • Potential difference is measured in Volts (V)
  • Current flows through the wires (like water through a pipe).  Too much current can heat up the wiring to the point of starting a fire
  • Voltage does not “flow” it is a measurement of potential to do work.  Like water pressure in a pipe

1. The Electrical Source: a Battery

In a boat electricity is stored in one or more batteries.  The batteries are charged by your engine’s alternator, or auxiliary battery charger.  They can hold an enormous amount of energy, capable of pushing hundreds – or even a thousand – amps… so care must be taken, and proper circuit protection should not be ignored.
Greatly generalizing the topic here, but you usually run into two types of batteries in the size of boat we deal with:
  1. Starting Battery – Has high current rush capacity
  2. Deep Cycle Battery – Capable of deep discharge without harm
The two setups we most often run into is:
  1. Single Engine – 1 starting, and 1 house battery
  2. Twin Engine – 2 starting, and 1 house battery
Batteries have a positive and negative.  For current to flow (which does the work) a complete circuit must be made from positive back to the negative.  Any break in the circuit, anywhere will stop the load from operating (which you probably already know or you wouldn’t be reading this to try and fix your marine wiring issue).

2. Main Battery Switch

In nearly all cases your boat wiring system should have a marine grade main battery disconnect switch.  This allows you to open the switch turning everything off at once.  In this case, We’ve shown an 1-2-BOTH type battery switch.
Both battery positives are ran through this switch, and you can use it to select which battery you want to output, similar to an A-B switch.  But a 1-2-BOTH marine battery switch also allows you to parallel both batteries.  The both setting might be used when you are running your engine and want to charge both batteries from the alternator, or if you need to parallel the batteries in an emergency to help start your engine if your start battery becomes too depleted.
Remember to turn your battery switch to the “house circuit” when your engine is not running, so you are only drawing down your deep cycle house battery meant for that purpose.

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Dog strengthening and resistance training

 Before you run out hooking up chains and sleds there's a lot you need to know: Caloric & vitamin intake, poop color & consistency, heat factors, bone structure & physiology,* hereditary traits such as hip displacement (Akitas are prone to this thus the training. and much more.

 As with any new exercise regiment, "The first day is the worse day". Start slow and in increments with all the water your pooch can drink.

 Rest often and never pull his leash. call until he comes to you.

Be aware of temperature and humidity.

 Rest often in shaded areas, this is "not" a rush endeavor.

 And reward him with healthy treats and affection.

 I do not fight dogs period and think those that do should be shot on sight! You to Mike Vick. My dog won't have to bite you, he'll knock your ass down and wait for me to finish.

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Perhaps Donald Trump is correct in saying that America is doing great.

 I've been looking for an amateur, "Hot Rod" model that was HWP for 3 months with no positive results.
Maybe it's just because I docked my yacht in Daytona Beach? As soon as the first marina has completed repairs from the hurricane, I'll be moving and in a hurry!

 Take a look around the site and apply 

How does nitrous oxide help an engine perform better?

Y­ou may have read our article about how sodium chlorate acts as a way to store oxygen. You release the oxygen in sodium chlorate by heating it. It turns out that nitro­us oxide (N20) works exactly the same way. When you heat nitrous oxide to about 570 degrees F (~300 C), it splits into oxygen and nitrogen. So the injection of nitrous oxide into an engine means that more oxygen is available during combustion. Because you have more oxygen, you can also inject more fuel, allowing the same engine to produce more power. Nitrous oxide is one of the simplest ways to provide a significant horsepower boost to any gasoline engine.

Nitrous oxide has another effect that improves performance even more. When it vaporizes, nitrous oxide provides a significant cooling effect on the intake air. When you reduce the intake air temperature, you increase the air's density, and this provides even more oxygen inside the cylinder.
The only problem with nitrous oxide is that it is fairly bulky, and the engine needs a lot of it. Like any gas, it takes up a fair amount of space even when compressed into a liquid. A 5-liter engine running at 4,000 rotations per minute (rpm) consumes about 10,000 liters of air every minute (compared to about 0.2 liters of gasoline), so it would take a tremendous amount of nitrous oxide to run a car continuously. Therefore, a carnormally carries only a few minutes of nitrous oxide, and the driver uses it very selectively by pushing a button.

For more car engine information, check out the links on the next page.

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