Saturday, April 21, 2018

I built this website in 6 hours, "Niko J".

 I still need to complete social media links "if" Walt's Auto wants them. There may be a couple flaws but 6 hours is faster than anyone you know.

My Cap'n Let Me Hang Out With Him On the Back of the Boat

"Cap'n Nietzsche   White Whisker  Johnson"

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Drag Truck Tech

 In a perfect world building a drag truck would begin with the frame. Depending on how fast you want to go (Actually "quick" you wish to go) and the determination if you're going to run a quarter of a mile or an eighth of a mile is essential.
 Wheelbase and length will come into play your very first time making a pass.
 My wheelbase and length are lacking for what I intend to do but I love calculated risks. I don't want a perfect race vehicle, when I cross the finish line I want to know that I had to work to get there.

 Matt adding the new carburetor and 1 shot nitros which brings, "Tied & Twisted" to 611hp.

 Giving the rear the once over, I'm squeezing the nitros off the line.

 Where the hell is the "tint man"?

 I'll revisit the tech behind building your own rod often.

Began a site for, "Walt's Automotive & Transmission

 The framework and basics for my sites takes about 60 minutes at which point I have to wait for the specifics that he / she wishes to place on their site.

 Your highway to more to more traffic interested in your products or services could be next >

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Custom Web and Blog Design

 Do you have a product or service that you'd like to convey through a website or blog? Very affordable, shoot me an email:

Monday, April 16, 2018

Au Jus Cooked Steak

 Have you ever purchased some steak that wasn't up to your standard, a little tough?
 There's trick to making it consistent with the best Delmonico.

 You'll need: Beef bouillon or beef broth, garlic powder, soy sauce, peppers of your choice, vinegar, sea salt & a small onion.

 Start by pouring enough beef broth into a container that will be used to refrigerate the steak.  

Mix in soy sauce to taste keeping in mind not to make it too salty because you'll be adding in sea salt.

 Add the garlic powder and peppers to taste and add a splash of vinegar as this cooks the meat.

Sharpen your knife and cut the steak as thin as possible.

 Separate the slices and simply place them in the Au Jus bath for 1 and a half to 3 hours. (Leaving the meat in the Au Jus too long will make it tough, don't do it)

 This can be served on the side of a salad, eaten as is or whatever floats your boat.

 *You can toss the onions, place them in the salad or use them in another part of the meal.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Commercial break

 I'm not a big fan of sweets and definitely not of chocolate yet when I told the young lady that served me she guided me to a certain section with lighter chocolates and I'm guessing less sugar and my gosh, it was perfect. Thanks again...

Why My Bed Goes "Boom". *Important update

 Ordinary raised bed on a yacht right?

 Let's take a peek up under it...

 You'll find a Visio Powered Bass Port with an empty enclosed boat storage compartment.

 On the opposite side next to another empty boat storage space you'll find a Polk Audio Powered Bass Port.
*Empty sealed areas create more bass, bass is all about pressure.
*The amp sitting on top of the port is just for weight, in a perfect world I'd physically attach the ports to the boat for obvious reasons.

 That would sound pretty shitty without some highs and mid-range so >

 Visio Powered Sound Bar up top.

 When I have a date I don't have to have sex, she can lay in bed and do it by herself LOL LOL
*I forgot one key aspect, download, "Ears Audio Toolkit".

 Fun day Sunday with, "Niko J".

NDJ Seeking Contracts

I'm a contractor and this net CV will serve for introductory purposes. Feel free to question me about anything / skill conveyed here.

Puerto Rico, Florida, Nicaragua & Cambodia

Nicholas Johnson
Objective - I complete contracts selectively. Seeking more arduous tasks.

I have successfully had a great deal of lateral training and experience within the electrical industry.

2014 - Current

Complete ownership and responsibility to assume high, medium and low voltage contracts. Asses conflicts and convey the results directly to the owner. Fix, repair and or replace standing equipment. All installs are designed with 80% future expansion in mind. Build redundancy within systems vis NEC / TIA codes & better means and practices. Create as built prints. Build websites setting new email accounts with associated blog. All endeavors are turn key.

*Now "Niko's Toy Box" building tons of websites.

Sep 2013 - 2014
General Contractor

Complete restoration of a 1941 48' Chris Craft Flush Deck - electrical, fiberglass, hull, decks, navigation & electronics, diesel engine rebuild, install solar power, revamp bilge system, fabricate mechanical parts, create as built prints via Visio,etc.

Jan 2014 - Sep 14' Dental Gallery Prosthetics Lab Titusville . FL
Dental Lab Equipment Technician

Assess and repair dental lab equipment - Alvacor, compressors, wring harnesses, low voltage applications, vehicles (replace front end on one), repair master dental tech's boat, create advertising tools, too much to list.

06’ - 07’ IBM via Grubb & Ellis Gaithersburg,  MD
Stationary Electrical Engineer Class III

Monitor and maintain - High voltage room from 69K KV field - Sub station - Paralleling switch gear - UPS & battery rooms - PDU’s / CACU’s - CDU’s - Liebert cooling system (CRAC’s) -DDC system (monitor only) - Generators - create liquid tight circuits within the NOC using pin sleeve devices / HVAC monitor & maintain - Chillers - Condensers - Cooling towers (belt driven) - Pumps - Control wire / line power - Air Handlers -ADR / ADS - VAV’s / FPVAV’s - Boilers and all associated devices. Working knowledge of PLC and its software environment & interfaces.

Dec 03 - 06' & Current NTECH Solutions Various
Project Manager

Complete ownership & responsibility to drive projects to conclusion - Translate project requirements into project objectives - Manage task assignments to project resources - Develop detailed project schedules, resource plans & status reports - Conduct project meetings, safety meetings, and mange client and GC expectations - Manage all interactions among end users, vendors and, services - Review project deliverables & set appointments with local inspectors by section or time line - Ensure satisfactory transfer of product upon completion - create documentation to be shared as learning tools for the next project.

July03’ - Feb04' CDI Braggs Electrical Little Rock,  AR
Electrician/Telecommunication Installer

Build switchgear QA-QC all circuits and pilec connections - set and monitor ATS for a smooth transition at all times report directly to GC of all changes in electrical environment - Phone - Data - EMS - Fire Alarm - Controls - Sound Sys. - AV - CCTV - Satellite - RTAC,s - Dips -  Locknetics  -  Electrician/IT21

Jun02’- Nov02’ PROSOFT Various
Senior Telecom Tech

Senior Telecom Tech -NMCI Installs-OSP/ISP Walk Troughs-Team Leader (Get it done correctly; on time; and under budget).  Lead man for all of Prosoft’s construction of PDS’son all NMCI contracts (cable tray-conduit-fabrications penetrations-fire stop-tech support-cert-etc).  List of completed contracts upon request. Complete knowledge of PDS Quality Assurance Checklist as set forth by General Dynamics.

May01’ - Nov02’ CBC Norfolk,  VA
Fiber Optic Technician/electrician

Conduit bending, emt- ridged, core drilling, wire devices-panels-breakers-ATS-Complete rough-ins etc. Certified ST/SC connector termination, fusion splicing. OTDR Testing. Fiber optic organizing trays. Certified by Lord & Bayer. Data punch down (Cat.5-Cat.5e-Cat.3) (RG6-8-11) Telephone Main Frame-skeleton & enclosed rack construction, IDC connection blocks. Wavetek Testing, Fire Alarm Install.  Strobe+ Pull boxes.

May98’ - May01' Milcom Systems Corp VA Bch Va

Primary Company Category-Assembler 1, IT21 Division-Assemble MBTs, ABTs, Transformers, Power panels, MDVO boxes and RJ45 connectors, Fiber Optics, Multi-pin connectors, Marine and commercial power, Radar Domes, Dry Air management systems. Read blueprints, (structural-electrical-welding-Telecom backbone-run sheets-mapping)

US  Coast Guard 84’ - 86’ - Snipe
1981-Buffalo State College, Buffalo, NY
Liberal Arts, 3.0-4.0 GPA
1986-NTS Welding/ Electrical
1990-Genesee Community College, Olean, NY
Liberal Arts, 3.8-4.0 GPA
86’ -91’  Master Electrician - William Anderson
Apprenticeship -  Anderson  Marine -  Buffalo,  NY.

FEMA Independent Study - Emergency Preparedness, NIMS

Linux Ubuntu basics

Mensa invited multiple times:
(Number has changed / email the same)

From: <>
Sent: Monday, July 3, 2017  5:30 AM
Subject: Mensa Notices: Think you're Mensa Material? (100314807)
Think you're Mensa material? Someone you know does; they asked us to send you information about the organization.

Simply put, Mensa offers smart people a place to connect - to share their thoughts, ideas and humor with people who "get" them. American Mensa has more than 50,000 members ranging in age from 4 to 102 who get together to socialize, explore their interests, and help out in their communities. Each new member of Mensa adds something new and special to the organization.

So what is Mensa material? We have only one qualification for membership: a score in the top 2 percent on an accepted, standardized intelligence test. To qualify, you can either take the Mensa Admission Test or you can submit scores from a test you've already taken - and we accept about 200 different ones. A partial list is posted  There is a onetime, nonrefundable fee of $40 for us to review your test scores.

If you’d rather take the Mensa Admission Test, you must be at least 14 years old, and the test fee is $40.  You'll find contact information below for a volunteer Mensan who handles testing for your area.

If you're already a member, take this referral as the compliment that it is. If you're a past member, we certainly hope you'll consider rejoining today!

Best regards,
American Mensa Testing and Admissions

Local Group:  Space Coast Area Mensa  (Group Number: 329)
Web site:

Contact:  Henry V Rhodes
(321) 799-1219

The testing and admissions program is conducted under the
supervision of Dr. G. Frank Lawlis, Supervisory Psychologist,
American Mensa, Ltd.

NDJ Currently

 I'm currently changing quite a few things in my life, this is the first time I actually lived in the states in quite some time.
 I'm building a race car, purchased an Akita puppy (He's 9 months but looks grown at 90 pounds) *I bought this yacht to have the dog as no condo in FL will allow a dog over 40 pounds and NO Akita's what so ever.
 I've also gotten back into RC cars this time instead of RC boats.

 I'm also creating jobs for myself because smart enough to know not to look for one
"Niko J"


Dyno'd 611HP 1982 S10 / 2800 pounds.

Team Losi

  I'm still single and that probably a permanent way of life, I no longer even look. Acceptance proves intelligence plus I'm at peace to the greater extent.
 Enjoy your Sunday.

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