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Study Materials For Law School

 The goal of this site is to solve something I found annoying when I was in law school- finding the right additional materials. 
 For whatever reason, law professors seem to downplay the need for additional materials like practice tests and study aids, and finding them on your own can be a bit tricky since practice tests disappear from the web as fast as they're posted, new editions of supplements come out all the time, and it is hard to even know which supplements are useful. 
 That bugged me when I was in law school, so I put this list together in case you find it useful. I got a lot of help from a lot of other former and present law students as well, including those on Reddit and the Top Law Schools forum, and this list represents the input of a lot of people. Many thanks to everybody who has given suggestions! 
 Some of the recommendations have been hotly debated, so not every study aid I recommend is universally seen as the best, but they do generally represent the consensus of everyone who has weighed in.
 Please, email me if you see anything that needs to be updated or anything you think would be useful to add!


List of Free Online Cooking Classes, Courses and Learning Materials

Free Online Class Info

Free online cooking classes, courses and learning materials aren't commonly offered through public or not-for-profit private schools. If a student completes a free online cooking class, it's for personal fulfillment as he or she won't be able to earn college credit.

Free Online Cooking Classes

Cooking Techniques at BBC

The BBC offers free training through easy, intermediate and advanced videos that are followed by explanatory articles. These lessons are separated into 6 categories that cover topics in fruit and vegetables, meat, fish, desserts, pastries, sauces and pasta preparation. Depending on the category, students may learn how to roast a duck, dice an onion, skin a tomato, fillet cooked fish, knead bread dough, ice a cupcake or skin flatfish.

Cooking with the Times at the New York Times

The New York Times offers 39 cooking lessons that cover topics including lasagna, pizza, calamari, side dishes, fish, deep-frying and omelets. Each lesson provides recipes and cooking tips. Some lessons also provide video guides.

Dinner Tonight at Texas A&M

This program offers free cooking videos that demonstrate healthy dinner recipes. Videos are typically less than 10 minutes each and include step-by-step instructions using basic cooking techniques. These lessons cover various recipes, including guilt-free chicken enchiladas, apple tuna salad and zesty lemon chicken. Students can also find a number of printable recipes.

Gluten-Free Online Cooking Class: Eat Freely with Cybele at Glutenfreeda

Glutenfreeda caters to students who wish to cook without ingredients that contain common allergens. Students can find free lessons that show them how to cook allergen-friendly fudge, macaroni and cheese, pancakes, corndogs and crab cakes. In addition to training videos, students can find ingredient lists and recipe directions.

How to Cook at Delia Online

This program features categories that specialize in cooking poultry, meat, eggs, fish, pasta, fruit and vegetables. Each category offers training for various techniques by offering step-by-step instructions that are accompanied by visual references. This website also offers recipes for students to cook after they feel confident in their training.

How to Videos at

Students can use this free resource to access over 90 cooking tutorials. Each lesson consists of a video tutorial and description article. Students can find videos that show them how to make deviled eggs, grill steak, stir-fry, scramble eggs, cut mangos, roast garlic and freeze cookies.

Kitchen Chemistry at Massachusetts Institute of Technology

With resources including homework assignments and related readings, this course uses cooking to provide hands-on chemistry training. The required book for this course isn't included for free. Topics found during this course cover pancakes, bread, cheese, molecular gastronomy, spaghetti, coffee and meringues.

Online Cooking Class at

Chef2chef's course covers basic and advanced cooking techniques, including cooking meat, using herbs, working with seafood, creating sauces, assembling appetizers, cooking vegetables and using pastry dough. Lessons include written instructions with the ingredients and preparation steps instead of visual guides.

The Professional Chef Discovers Beef at the Culinary Institute of America

In this course, students can learn how to prepare Spanish, Mexican, Mediterranean and Asian beef-based appetizers. This free online course encourages students to experiment with flavors and learn about different traditions. Students may learn how to cook beef by reading 9 pages of information and following the attached recipes.

U.S.A. Peanuts and World Flavors at the Culinary Institute of America

This online course is presented by the National Peanut Board and the Culinary Institute of America. This course teaches the history of the peanut and how it can be incorporated into a cooking routine. Students can learn about the many uses and distinct tastes of peanuts through various articles. There are links to 25 recipes featuring peanuts. The resources list features books that can be purchased and sources for recipe ingredients.

*All prepared dishes, custom creations by, "Niko J"

Free Online Driver's Education

Start Teen Drivers Ed today!

Teen drivers ed prepares you for the drivers seat! Our online courses are the fun, effective way to learn the rules of the road. With, you can log in anywhere, anytime and go at your own pace.
Plus, our teen drivers ed courses are worth high school credit. With online teen drivers ed, you can earn school creditwithout even setting foot in a classroom!

Online Teen Drivers Education from the Drivers Ed Authority

Our interactive online courses guarantee that teen drivers ed is both fun and effective. Created by our dedicated course developers and technical wizards, these courses are proven to help you learn. is the drivers ed authority with over 25 years of experience teaching drivers ed. Over 4.1 million students have learned from us! We are the only driving school that is both approved by the Road Safety Educators' Association and accredited by the Driving School Association of the Americas

No Classrooms, No Boring Lectures

Our teen drivers education courses cover all the information you need to earn your license and be a safe and secure driver. With our online teen drivers ed courses, you get:
  • Fun, interactive lessons accessible online
  • Videos, 3-D animations, and case studies
  • Certificate of Completion—mailed for free!
  • 50 free practice permit tests
  • Friendly 24/7 customer support
Teen drivers education can help you:
  • Prepare for your permit test
  • Learn techniques for safe driving
  • Earn high school credit
  • Get an insurance discount of up to 10%

Free Books

The best thus far.

The Black Vault "Declassified Info Portal"

10 Sources for Free Computer Programming Courses Online

Free Online Course Info

Students can work at their own pace to complete the following courses. While college credit cannot be earned, the information needed to learn about computer programming is available through lecture videos, text, quizzes and other training materials.

Computer Science for Everyone

The Start Learning How to Write Programs course offers training through video tutorials. This course provides 17 units that cover topics in algorithm design, pointers, memory allocation, data structures, data types, program flow and binary. The Writing Basic Programs course presents training through lesson transcripts. Topics offered during this course include related mathematics, preparing to write a tic-tac-toe program, arrays, casts, multi-dimensional functions and additional information on data structures. Students can also participate in quizzes at the end of every unit for both classes.

Google Developers

Google's Python Class offers information through text and lecture videos. At the end of each lesson, exercises are available for students to apply learned concepts. Students may encounter topics in strings, lists, dicts, files, utilities, lists, sorting and regular expressions.

Hobart and William Smith Colleges

Introduction to Programming Using Java, Sixth Edition is a free textbook offered online by Hobart and William Smith Colleges. This book's chapters cover topics such as subroutines, multi-processing, GUI programming, arrays, objects, classes and networking. Along with programming exercises and quizzes, students can also find a glossary that provides common terms and definitions.

These resources are online books from Sams Publishing, with text, coding examples and pictures. Students can also access quizzes and activities. Topics covered by Teach Yourself Java 2 in 24 Hours include the basics of programming, repeating actions, describing objects, building user interfaces, creating threaded programs, writing files and working with graphics. Teach Yourself Visual Basic 6 in 24 Hours teaches about analyzing programs, controls, properties, looping, dialogue boxes, database basics and ActiveX. The Visual C++ 6 Unleashed book provides training in MCF programming, using dialog boxes, creating property sheets, Internet programming, debugging, multi-threading and database programming.

The Introduction to Computer Programming lesson is tasked to familiarize the online student with terminology, common concepts, definitions and different programming languages. All of the materials are presented through text and can culminate in a comprehensive quiz. This lesson can also lead to tutorials related to Java, CSS, HTML, PHP and VBScript.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The Introduction to Computer Science and Programming course offers training through video lectures, assignments and exams. Most of this course's readings can be found online. This course covers common code patterns, abstractions through functions, floating point numbers, binary, code testing and debugging. ThePractical Programming in C class provides students with lecture notes and assignments. Lab guidelines are also provided. During this course, students may encounter topics in variables, control flow, dynamic memory allocation, concurrency, function pointers and external libraries.
Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs has resources that include lecture notes, video lectures, recitations, reading materials, project guidelines and exams. Topics covered include higher-order procedures, computer processes, compound data, generic operators, computational objects, logic programming and storage allocation.

National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning

Principles of Programming Languages covers concepts in type checking, monomorphism, normal forms, structured data, programming commands, environments, syntax and binding. This YouTube lecture series consists of 40 videos that last up to 35 hours. Many of these video lectures include visual aids to help demonstrate topics.

Programming Video Tutorials

Tutorials offered by this website are presented through training videos and text. The C++ Tutorial consists of 35 chapters that cover topics in arrays, pointers, operators, constructors, variables, namespaces and constants. Students using this website also have access to additional tutorials that cover C#, SQL, Java, PHP, CSS, HTML and XML.

University of Southern Queensland

Object-Oriented Programming in C++ doesn't provide students with the required reading materials detailed in the list of readings. Students must use lecture notes and training modules for most of the course. These lectures provide audio files and PowerPoint presentations. The training modules provide texts, concept charts, exercises, examples and readings. This course covers topics in helper functions, class relationships, file access techniques, limiting access, design patterns, streams and functors. This course also provides students with assignments, exercises and an examination.

Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

Computer Programming III was created to train students in multiple programming languages, including XSLT, XML, HTML, KML and PHP. Course materials are presented through .PDF files that offer coding examples, training charts, text explanations and links to external sources. This course also provides students with additional resources that include tests, labs, exercises, an assignment and final examination guidelines.

Be Better Not Bitter

Don’t Let:Negative, Small-Minded People Steal Your Joy!

Thank you Jesus! Mighty is our God and His works. I want to encourage you today to not give thought to those who criticize you, those who don’t give you credit where credit is due. I realize you can try to meet other people approval, but always seem to fail. Let me give you some spiritual advice.Don’t entertain Negative people. Pray for them!
Sometimes you have to loose (cut-off) those negative friendships, and relationships that always looking to critique you, or looking for a free handout. Some people will never realize your worth. Don’t waste your time with negative people. I have learned not to waste my time getting approval, seeking others opinions of me. Small-minded people are always belittling you, or finding fault. Oh, or trying to make you jealous or feel inadequate!
Many would not be happy with your blessings from God. Some will just need to know details just to belittle you, or find fault. When someone is jealous or trying to hinder me, I open my wings and soar even higher. Distractions are for the pigeons, and Determination is for the Eagles!  I’m an Eagle! Don’t let anyone steal your joy. Some people pretend to support you in words, but with no action behind it. They smile in your face, while hardening their hearts .
They cannot be Happy for you, or with you because they Hating!
I’m celebrating my gifts, and found that God is sending the people who are supposed to be in my circle, and uplift my gifts from God. They know my worth. I had to distant, and loose those who were draining me. God is the head of my life, and I say to you don’t let nose pickers move you astray, down the wrong path. Some people will never like you, no matter what you do.
I don’t focus on anyone or anything, anymore because you will be depressed and drained. This is for someone who feel like they must reap other’s approval, or buy friendship. I say let go, and let God. When you spend time trying to win relationships, there is a hidden message in it. ” Some people never liked you, and never will because they don’t like themselves”. Still be kind to them but at a distant.
I have had many who call themselves friends, and suppose to be supporters, but when you stay before God, He will show you that they are not for you.  I don’t sit anymore questioning why this person didn’t call, or why this person lied. Or better yet they make up stuff.  Some people believe they are the it factor. There are manipulators, and people who envy where you are.
So you must be doing something right because you are out front. When you step into your blessings, then know the critics, and jealous, small minded people are on their way. Don’t worry about nobody, who wants to steal your joy. If you don’t entertain them, then they won’t.
Some people are phony, and not authentic. So put your energy in God’s purpose for you. Some people are materialistic, and don’t know your worth. The more people talk about me, the more God is blessing me. I allow God to fight my battles now.
So what if no one follows your blog, so what if no one celebrates your birthday, so what if no one supports your dreams, or the cause you believe in.  I celebrated the launching of my business with God! Because there are many who thought I was lying about the business because it didn’t happen on their time schedule. Now they shocked!
If God told you He would heal you and He does six months later. Then you shouldn’t be shocked, but praising Him would be expected. Shock is for people who thought you would never rise to the occasion. Shock is for someone who didn’t believe God would heal them. When you believe it’s called Faith.  You don’t know when, or how. You just know.
If you have God then you have all the support you need. Some people will think you think you are all that. Well, you are if you are in Christ! He is the best at what He does.
I’m celebrating today, tomorrow, today, tomorrow like it’s nobody business.
Storms will come, but I will be in the EYE of the storm where there is Peace.
To the so call friends, just because I’m kind, and don’t throw stones doesn’t mean I don’t know the true you! I bless my enemies, and my so call friends, because I don’t have time to be a hater when I got all this love around me and in me. I love Jesus, and I decided long ago that Christ had to fix my heart, and bitterness is not authorized in this temple. So why would I waste time fixing you, or anybody else for that matter? Why waste time pointing your wrongs when I’m working on mine?
Small-minded people will destroy you and drain the life out of you. Be happy with the YOU, that God created! I will wait on the Lord!
God is my new best friend, and I tell Him everything good, or bad. Why? Because He trust me to tell Him, even though I know He knows.  It’s called confessing, communicating with the Holy One!
A Woman After God’s Own Heart

DNA Detection and Measurement on a Smartphone


Fluorescence microscopy relies on tagging biological samples using molecular markers that are excitable in response to light. The glow that emanates from the sample can be detected using specially designed microscopes, but these tend to be large and expensive. Now a small new device that works in tandem with a smartphone has been used to successfully spot and measure the length of DNA molecules using fluorescence microscopy.
Designed at UCLA’s California NanoSystems Institute, the device accepts disposable chips within which the DNA is tagged and stretched out. The actual microscope is attached to a Windows smartphone and basically includes a dark room, lens, laser, thin-film interference filters, and a mechanical adjuster that adjusts focus by moving the sample in front of the lens. Special software was developed that captures the images and sends them to a server for final processing. Results come back and are displayed on the smartphone app, allowing the technology to be used anywhere with a cellular signal, even though the heavy computational processing is taken care of far away.
According to the study of the device in ACS Nano, the scientists “imaged single DNA molecules of various lengths to demonstrate a sizing accuracy of <1 kilobase-pairs (kbp) for 10 kbp and longer DNA samples imaged over a field-of-view of ∼2 mm2.”
***Pedophiles are about to get Jammed!

8 Tips for Having Productive Conversation

8 Tips for Having Productive Conversation

Let’s face it. Not many of us were born as talkative, outgoing, extroverted individuals. We all have room for improvement, and what better area to improve in than conversation skills? In every area of life, whether it be socially, professionally, or even romantically, productive conversation skills are beneficial. Try adding these nine tips to your daily conversations and see what an impact it makes.

1. Pay attention to the other person

Active listening is one of the most important components of good conversation. If the person speaking can see that your attention is elsewhere, they will quickly lose interest in sharing what they have to say and in listening to what you have to share. So turn off the TV, quit glancing at your phone every five seconds, and give that person your undivided attention. You’ll find the favor returned when it’s your turn to speak!

2. Let people sell themselves

It’s simple. We as humans love to talk about ourselves or things that are happening to us. Productive conversations involve people sharing about themselves, stories of their past or present, and their dreams of what the future may hold.
People are literally waiting to stalk about their latest hobby, their new car, or the funny thing that their toddler said at the dinner table. Let people tell their story! You will get to know them and connect more easily.

3. Summarize others’ viewpoints

One way you can show that you are indeed paying attention is to summarize what the other party has just said. Although people love to talk, going without responses that indicate that you are understanding and following along will cause them to feel like you have zoned out.
A quick recap of what has just been said, especially if the other person has been talking for a while, helps the conversation move along smoothly.

4. Don’t interrupt

It’s simple. Don’t be rude. Unless an urgent issue arises in the conversation, don’t interrupt. Give the other person the space to communicate.

5. Make eye contact

A key part of active listening in a conversation is making eye contact. Now, I’m not suggesting you stare intently at the speaker’s eyes without blinking. That’s a staring contest, not a conversation. You can even look somewhere close, that may not be their eyes like their forehead or nose. But an attempt at eye contact lets the speaker know that you are present and listening.

6. Ask open questions

Ask questions that bring out more than just a yes or no, or one word in response. Open questions like “Why did you decide to study biology?” allow a person to open up and share more about themselves than simple one word answers, which can halt the flow of a conversation.

7. Smile

It’s interesting that most of the tips in this list about conversation have nothing to do with you talking. But your body actions definitely are important. So smile! Your body language is crucial to creating a warm and welcoming environment for the other person to share.
Even when talking on the phone, smiling and other signals of body language can have a tangible effect on your tone, and therefore the conversation as a whole.

8. Find things in common

It is much easier to talk to someone when you know that they have an interest in what you are talking about. This way, you don’t feel like you’re boring them or forcing them to listen to a lecture. Conversation comes easier, and people connect more quickly when there are commonalities.
How can you find out what you have in common? Try some of the previously mentioned tips. Ask questions, listen to their story, take notice of the things around them and maybe you can spark up a connection on high school over the class rings you both are wearing.
Have any other interesting or helpful conversation tips? Share them below
Nervous about just starting a conversation? Try these 10 of the Most Effective Ice Breakers for Starting Meaningful Conversations

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Harper Lee

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