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I didn't realize so many people didn't understand me.

*I may as well start it off with the post title / I don't know anything and I understand even less, why? As an educated man I have learned that what we do as humans is, "Interpret and perceive".
Lets get to the point, here's what I shared on Facebook. (Being on Facebook clearly demonstrates that I'm not as bright as many would think)

> dear friend told me I was different and I respect that from her but here's the deal, "I'll never regress to the common mean". point blank.

Different pic, big woo.

Re >  I finished off 2 Gyro's with Tzatziki Sauce and wrote my buddy back saying this > You guys are probably sleep by now but here's a for instance: I will not regress toward the common mean. I see people go throw ribs straight on the grill which usually produces pork jerky. I learned while being in Japan to high temp roast ribs completely covered at 450 or so degrees for an hour to an hour and a half / keep checking. When the meat is falling off the bone "then" you throw them on a grill where the coals are all red with ash beginning to show. Spritz water on the ribs and coals to get the desired flavor you want. Never regress to the common means or status quo, "G'night

Re 2 >  I hang out doctors, lawyers, department heads at "Cigar Bars"

And goodnight to you as well.

 Please don't send me a ton of email saying that, "I'm gifted" because I'm not. I went to work 8 hours a day at 15, bought a non-running vehicle and stole Chilton's Guides from my mom's work at the Library to fix the damn thing.
I became a telemarketer and worked 8 hours a day and studied the "Art of Sales" for 8 hours a day.
 Every job or interest that I've had in life, I studied 8 hours or more per day as I do now to bring you topics of interest as well as possible solutions to your conflicts.
 I never graduated high school or any of the 3 colleges I went to. I didn't finish my tour with the US Coast Guard yet went on to contract for the "Department of Defense."
 I'm somewhat the mocking bird, I don't get jealous and have a strong dislike for jealous people. If I see a person that's doing something I wish to do, I immulate that person.

I've read everyone of these books from cover to cover, nope, I'm not blessed or gifted.

Easy Fix if You Have Multiple Bluetooth Speakers

*This based in the thought that 1 speaker will do during your travels but you want full audio sound when you can have it.
 I have 4 Thump 808's / Living on yachts was always the task for having full audio sound with limited space.

 So...before I left for Miami I had Amazon 2 day deliver 2 single male 3.5mm / triple female Y Jacks.

+ 4 3.5 double male audio extension chords.

 When I first browsed my tech sources, they made it seem like I was going to have to buy a multiplexer for some astronomical price.
 Problem solved for less than $30

 Have a good one, it's time to relax.

Why do women take rejection so much worse than men?


This week I’ve been wondering: why do women handle rejection so badly? Of course I’m not implying that guys are immune to rejection, it’s something we all suffer from occasionally, like bad breath or a terrible haircut. But, compared to us they do seem to take it with a grain of salt. I’m not sure anyone likes being rejected, but I have found that females get terribly dramatic about the whole thing. “My life is OVER – I can’t cope – I’m going to post passive aggressive quotes and adorable selfies on Instagram until he realises what he’s lost.” (Ladies, it’s a bit sad, stop it). All I can say is that we’ve become used dishing out the rejection but we don’t like the bitter taste of our own medicine.
Let me break it down for you: girls reject guys every week. We avoid your glances, we don’t reply to your texts/direct messages/ snap chats, we decline your ‘friend requests’ and we laugh in your faces at the bar. We can start to get a bit of a big head and become very picky about who we our spend energy on. We get so used to shutting down male advances that we forget what it’s like to be shut down ourselves. For us, getting rejected is a lot like spending hours online searching for the perfect dress only to find your size has suddenly gone out of stock at the checkout. We spend so long scrolling past the ugly sweaters and ill-fitting bum shorts that life throws at us, that we get pretty disheartened when we finally find the garment of our dreams and its ‘currently unavailable’.
If you cross over the border into dating territory and it doesn’t work out that’s where things can start to get complicated. If you realise one day that Mr. Right is actually Mr. SO SO Wrong it can be harder than you expect to get the message across. Women often bank on the silent treatment; which is counterintuitive considering a lot of guys are deaf. Men are not so obsessed with decoding subtle messages, they want to be told in simple terms is this a ‘go’ or a ‘no’. Even if you think you have been placing glaring stop signs at every intersection, unless you are upfront with a guy, you are not going to get your message through. We assume that after six unanswered texts our lack of interest would be glaringly obvious, but I’ve had pet rocks that understand me better. “Hey, how are you?” “Out tonight?” “How was your weekend?” “Nice Selfie 😉 xx” “Wanna hang out?” “Happy /birthday/ Xmas/ Chinese New Year” “Hey Stranger” … *cringe*
I’ve spoken to a few guys and they’ve told me they would much rather be told straight out “Sorry buddy, you’re just not my type,” than try and play the guessing game. Understanding women is like playing Scrabble in the dark – unless you lady-friend is willing to shed some light on the situation there’s not much point trying, so just pack up and go home. Believe me, we think we’re being obvious, but in reality there can be a pretty fine line between the behaviour of a woman brushing you off (because she’s not interested) and one playing hard to get (because she’s already planning your wedding). Maybe as women we could be a little more considerate about announcing our intended journey, so that we are not taking anyone on an uncomfortable ride… “Attention passengers: This train is running express to friend-zone station, this is a one-way service.”
If you’re a guy and the girl you’ve been dating has gradually changed from Amazing Amy to Psycho Sally then you’re in trouble. When it comes to letting a girl down easy, you’re damned if you do and you’re damned if you don’t. Giving a girl the silent treatment will open up an extensive investigation into your online activities as she tries to triangulate your movements. As she uncovers you activities she’ll turn from Sherlock Holmes into an hysterical mess as she calls her BBF to ask “Why the heck hasn’t he replied to my message from 7 hours ago?! I can see that in the past hour he has liked some skank’s Instagram photo and uploaded a new Snapchat story. Hang on, WTF…I’ve just seen that he was active on Facebook 2 minutes ago! What’s going on!?” …. “I dunno babe, I’m sure there’s a good reason he’s not replying to you… maybe he’s been kidnapped or he’s on a bad acid trip.” (Or maybe he’s hoping if he ignores you long enough you’ll go away…. He’s wrong.)
If he doesn’t offer up a good enough reason for his lack of interest we are probably going to squeeze it out of him by force, like the last ounce of toothpaste. The problem is that women really don’t want to know the truth – but they will ask for it anyway. Gentlemen, proceed with caution. Explaining your point of view requires the same tact used to handle the age old question “does my butt look big in this?” Even if our butt looks like a misshapen cantaloupe we don’t want to know; in the same respect we don’t actually want to know which of our weird/psychotic/annoying traits turned you off us. We don’t want to know that you are just not that keen, we’re not your type or you’re still getting over you’re ex-girlfriend from five years ago (seriously…who was she?! Flipping Adriana Lima – get over it already). In fact, we would much rather attribute it to your immaturity, poor self-esteem, fear of commitment or any other fabricated flaw we can make up to put the blame back onto you so we can sleep better at night.
Like I said, we tend to take rejection very, very personally. We see it as some kind of failure or inadequacy on our behalf. We get crazy over it and we beat ourselves up about it relentlessly. Then we buy the latest Taylor Swift album and listen to it on repeat as we cry into a pillow, wondering why we are so repulsive to the opposite sex. I can’t speak for guys, but outwardly they seem to take it on the chin when they get knocked back. I think we could learn a thing or two from them about just brushing ourselves off and getting on with it. Sorry babe, cancel the pity party.
For the record if you get turned down, it’s not the end of the world. That person isn’t telling you’re worthless, what they are trying to say is you’re not their favourite ice-cream flavour – and that’s okay, because you’re still delicious. Don’t sit at home crying over them, because I can guarantee they are not wasting any time sitting at home thinking about you. Maybe they prefer Fro-yo, maybe they just don’t feel like ice-cream at the moment … or maybe they are just secretly gay. It doesn’t matter. Just keep doing your thing, and don’t ever let a Bubble O’Bill make you feel like you’re not a Magnum.
Written by a woman.

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 If we're not a part of the solution, we're a part of the problem.

11 Spy Gadgets to Help Keep Tabs on Your Cheating Spouse

*This way of blogging is twice the work for me yet I don't mind. The people who normally email me will share how they feel about it and if you're new to my blog you can share your opinion as well as ask me to reasearch a specific topic at: "Niko J"

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*I've become to comfortable with my stats and I need to step away from affirmation. It's time to attempt something new, stepping out of my comfort zone with New Tech Links. Updated daily.

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There's Nothing Better Than Bartering & Being Your Own Boss

*Many web builder sites have templates as does my own yet customers tend to ask for personalized websites. It only takes an hour or so to look through the "specifically themed pictures" that flow with the customer's original thought.
(Make sure that the pictures are not copywritten and there's a loophole within that too)

These are a few examples of our custom web designs. Some have been created while in various countries and others created from a brief description written in an email. This isn't rocket science.

It's great to have a YouTube Channel

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

This is the way I give back to the less fortunate. Take moment and read what they do.

The mission of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital is to advance cures, and means of prevention, for pediatric catastrophic diseases through research and treatment. Consistent with the vision of our founder Danny Thomas, no child is denied treatment based on race, religion or a family's ability to pay.
Don't be cheap.

The Languages and Frameworks You Should Learn in 2017

The software development industry continues its relentless march forward. In 2016 we saw new releases of popular languages, frameworks and tools that give us more power and change the way we work. It is difficult to keep track of everything that is new, so at the end of every year we give you our take on what is important and what you should learn during the next twelve months.

The Trends

Progressive Web Apps

In 2016 we saw the rise of the Progressive Web App concept. It represents web applications that work offline and offer a native, app-like experience. They can be added to your smart device's homescreen and can even send you push notifications, bridging the gap with native mobile apps. We think that in 2017 PWA are going to become even more important and are well worth investigating. See our overview here.

The Bot Hype

Everybody is talking about bots right now. From platforms for running them, to frameworks for building them, the community is buzzing with activity (read our intro here). Bots are the new mobile apps, and if you hurry up you can catch the wave while everyone is excited. Once the novelty wears off, bots will probably be relegated to some boring role such as automated customer support. But hey, we can dream!

Consolidation of Frontend Frameworks

In the JavaScript community we have an incredible churn of frameworks and tools, with new ones being born almost every week. Until recently, the expectation was that the old tools would just be replaced by the new, but this is not what we saw in 2016. Instead, we saw the popular frameworks exchanging ideas and incorporating the innovations put forth by newcomers. So in 2017 it won't matter much which of the major JS frameworks you choose, their features are mostly comparable.

The Cloud

Companies and developers everywhere are embracing "the cloud". This is virtualized computer infrastructure that is available on demand and fully configurable from a control panel. The big three cloud providers are AWS, Google Cloud and Azure. Thanks to their ongoing competition prices have been falling, bringing it within the budgets of smaller companies and individual developers. Familiarizing yourself with the cloud workflow would be a good investment for 2017.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning (ML) has exploded in popularity during the last twelve months. And with the historic AlphaGo vs Lee Sedol match in March, it entered the mainstream. Smart computer systems that learn from raw data are revolutionizing the way we interact with our mobile devices. By the looks of it, ML will be an even bigger factor in 2017.


JavaScript continues its incredible pace of innovation. Catalyzed by the quick release schedules of web browsers, the JS standard is updated every year. The next edition, ES2017, is expected to be finalized in mid 2017. It will bring the dream feature of many JS developers - аsync/аwait for working with asynchronous functions. And thanks to Babel, you can write ES2017 in every browser even today.
TypeScript 2.1 was released in late 2016, bringing async/await for old browsers and improved type inference. TypeScript is a statically typed language which compiles to JavaScript. It adds powerful features like a classic OOP model and optional static typing to make large codebases easier to maintain. It is the preferred language for writing Angular 2 apps, and we recommend giving it a try. Here is our quick start guide about it.
C# 7.0 is expected in 2017 and will enhance an already excellent language. Microsoft surprised everyone when they introduced the open source Visual Studio Code editor and .Net Core. Both of these run on Linux, Windows and macOS and allow you to write fast and performant applications in C# (read more here). A vibrant community is forming around both of these tools, and we are confident there is an exciting year ahead of them.
Python 3.6 was released in December. It is solidifying its place as the scripting language of choice for devs, IT pros and scientists. It is suitable for automation, web development, machine learning and scientific computing. The Python 2/3 split has been an years-long struggle for the community, but these days you can confidently choose 3 and enjoy full library support. For those in need of extra performance, they can take a look at PyPy, an alternative JIT enabled Python runtime.
Ruby 2.3 was released earlier this year with a number of performance improvements. Ruby is also a good choice as a general purpose scripting language, but it shines when paired with Rails. The Ruby 3x3 initiative was announced, which will attempt to make the upcoming Ruby 3 release 3 times faster that the current version, opening the doors to using Ruby in more contexts.
PHP 7.1 was released in December, and brings minor enhancements to the language. This builds upon the major performance improvements that were had in version 7.0 last year, turning PHP into a fast platform for building web applications. We recommend PHP The Right Way for good practices and a modern take on building web apps in the language.
Java 9 is expected in 2017 and will come with welcome new features like a repl for evaluating code, HTTP 2.0 support and new APIs. There is a strong demand for talented Java developers and a breadth of exciting projects that use the language. If Java is not your thing, there are a number of JVM based languages like Kotlin and Scalathat you can check out.
Swift 3 was released earlier this year. This is Apple's vision for a modern programming language that eases the development of apps on iOS and macOS. Swift is open source and has attracted a large community. Version 4 is planned for 2017, which will improve the language and introduce server APIs, making it a good choice for writing web apps and backends.
If you are looking for something more exciting, you can try out Crystal and Elixir, which both combine a friendly ruby-like syntax with superior performance. Or you can look into a functional language like Haskell or Clojure. Two other fast languages are Rust and Go which we recommend.
Learn one or more of these: JS (ES2017), TypeScript, C#, Python, Ruby, PHP7, Java/Kotlin/Scala.



The web platform made two major advancements recently - Web Assembly and Service Workers. They open the gates for fast and performant web applications that bridge the gap with native compiled applications. Service Workers in particular are the enabling technology for Progressive Web Apps and bring support for Notifications to the web platform, with more APIs to follow in the future.
Angular.js 2 was released this year. The framework is backed by Google and is very popular with enterprises and large companies. It has a vast number of features that make writing everything from web to desktop and mobile apps possible. The framework is written in TypeScript, which is also the recommended language to write applications in. There is a lot to read about, but we think learning Angular 2 in 2017 would be a good investment.
Vue.js also saw its 2.0 release this year. It borrows the good ideas from Angular, React and Ember, and puts them into an easy to use package. It is also quite a bit leaner and faster than the first two. We suggest that you give it a try this year, by starting with one of our Vue.js tutorials.
Ember is another solid choice for a JavaScript framework. It supports data bindings, auto-updating templates, components and server-side rendering. One benefit that it has over its competitors, is that it is more mature and stable. Breaking changes are much less frequent and the community values backwards compatibility. This makes the framework a good choice for long-lived applications.
Two other frameworks that are worth a look are Aurelia and React. The ecosystem around React has grown considerably more complicated in the last year, making it difficult to recommend for beginners. But experienced devs can combine the library with GraphQLRelayFlux and Immutable.js into a comprehensive full stack solution.
No frontend compilation would be complete without mentioning Bootstrap. Version 4 is currently in Alpha and a release is expected in 2017. Notable changes are the new versatile card component and the flexbox grid (see our comparison with the regular grid here), which modernize the framework and make it a joy to work with.
SASS and LESS remain the two most popular CSS preprocessors today. Although vanilla CSS is finally getting support for variables, SASS and LESS are still superior with their support for mixins, functions and code organization. If you haven't already, take a look at our SASS and LESS quick start guides.
Learn one or more of these: Angular 2, Vue.js, Ember, Bootstrap, LESS/SASS.

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 Wouldn't it be great to have all your low, medium and high voltage tasks completed in one house? Wouldn't also be great to have your website built, SEO'd and backlinked in one house? I've made that dream a reality over the last 4 years and the concept dates back 15 years.

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