Saturday, August 5, 2017

This blog will continue to be free.

 But if you wish to make some serious money or even upgrade, you may wish to pay attention.
 I'm taking on one student, does not need to reside here.
 I'm going to teach that individual how to do this and make the kind of money I do.

 He / she will need a laptop as I have said 1000000 times.

Contact me, last chance

Friday, August 4, 2017

My Tribute to My Mom & Grand Mom

 Western civilization isn't that bright huh? You've shed the confines of your physical body and are now free to traverse the universe as you wish and as you please.
 Thanks for building me to who I am today and my duty to you...
Very simple, take the life's energy you invested in me and spread it as far and wide as possible to all those in need of the power of the seed you placed within me.
 I'm speaking with you now and we no longer need cell phones.

All Original Niko Johnson Dishes, None Can Be Found In A Book

 Dedicated to my mom and Naomi Cerre.

 All these recipes are rooted in some city, some culture, area, ethnicity some how somewhere. Yet here's the trick, I've lived in 60 or 70 cities and states, add to that 11 -12 countries "not" including various islands.
 These are my "original recipes". How can I say that? It's easy, none are written on paper, they're all in my head. If you asked me to make you a specific dish, I can't. I'd have to look at you, the picture, ask what you like and "then" I'd make something very similar because I don't measure, remember cooking times or spices.

 It's very simple in my mind; This goes with that and that accents this. That over there will over power that, plus that's acidic and it won't like being mixed with that because that's a base.

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