Tuesday, August 29, 2017

If you had been paying attention you'd have a pocket full of $$$$

 For those who actually read the posts here and not just looked at the pictures you should have a small nest egg to move on to the next step > Investing in your own talents.

 My talent is in networking "everything" from computers to pets to jobs and even networking my meals, "True statement".

 With a little slow down and quite a bit of thought, I went back to building hot rods, go carts, yachts and even hiring models *which was not easy in the land of flip flops and being frumpy all the time.

 Join me at my new site and I will change the hyperlinked tabs to your right very soon.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

"I'm serious, I'm hiring bikini models for my new line of Custom Muscle Trucks"

As usual, this blog's purpose has been served & yet another chapter opens

Open Independent Contractor / Limited Positions

Have you ever thought about amateur modeling?
You get to keep your clothes on and you get to travel throughout Brevard, Orange, and Volusia counties. You'll be introducing our new series of Muscle Trucks, Hot Karts and Yachts.

(Women without the ability to gain a passport can only be used locally)

The pay in the beginning is not great, this is not like in the movies but you'll always have a little spending cash, you'll meet influential people and who knows, you may be the 1 in a million to hit it big?

Sys Nica / Systems Nicaragua will create your web page and listing with Linkedin, Career Builder, Indeed and more reputable places than BackPage or the dreaded C-List.

*I don't care what you do at home but there will be no drugs of any kind tolerated while contracted.

321-352-3097 or ntech-solutions@live.com

Saturday, August 19, 2017

New Jobs Available / Cocoa Beach to Daytona Beach

I'm teaming up with some old partners to design and build my own line of turn key 400hp extended cab S10 pickups > Leave a message if you need a general laborer job: ntech-solutions@live.com

Friday, August 18, 2017

First come, first serve

 I simply don't have any more time to fool around with this condo.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

When I set your rig up

 Some think that my prices at Systems Nicaragua are high yet if you want a quality rig that can do everything including cook your food, you'll call me.
 Until then keep trying to get that camel through the eye of a needle.

If you're watching this, you're too late > I'm gone.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Life has moved on

 I apologize from the bottom of my heart yet I had some extenuating circumstances. I ushered my mother into the next and I had to also move on.

 I'm leaving Brevard Co. for a few short stops here and there before heading back off into the world a little differently.

 I purchased a yacht that will be named in my mother's honor, "JP".

  And the Captain who I will name, "Nietzsche".

 How would you like to see how a tech rips apart and restores yachts?

Cocoa Beach Condo to Share

 I'm preparing head back overseas and I'm renting my condo to share with an older gentleman by the name of Fred.
 It's located on A1A in the Fountain Cove condo association.
This will be a standard 6 month lease with options to buy.
 You will have full run of this unit including all the amenities that come with upscale condo living.
 $750 per month and half on electric / $1200 due at signing.

 Contact Niko > ntech-solutions@live.com (Preferred) or 321-352-3097

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Sys Nica Open Positions In & Around Brevard Co. Fl.

 I'm currently seeking a driver, mover and *temp office assistant. I will download the independent contractor forms. You will be paid in cash and whether you pay for insurance or towards retirement is not my concern.

> 321-352-3097 / ntech-solutions@live.com
* Proper attire is a must, no flip flops, T-shirts or shorts.

Friday, August 11, 2017

My last comments on, "Christians, Judaism and Islam".

 Please don't email me with suggestions about your faith, belief, where nothing but historical facts exist.
 You do realize that's why you have to have a "leap of faith"? I.e. Faith = believing after a huge storm that the bridge to escape is still standing. I find that worthless.
Practicality suggests that carrying the tools and provisions to cross the gap much more likely to save your life.

 You have your crutch and I won't ever take it from you because we need the "feed" to be eaten by the "flock". We need the "flock" to be led by the "herders". We need the "herders" to be led by the "kings". We need the "kings" to be led by the "gods" and the "gods" must be led by "GOD" - no silly book of parables needed.

 This particular blog was/ is based in "Information & Technology" and it's not for most.

 Everything and every individual is needed "as what they are". You can't turn a donkey into a race horse as you will only confuse the donkey and frustrate yourself.

 Thinking that an email will make me bow as you do, cry as you do, bitch moan and beg as you do to escape some non-existent eternal fire is simply stupid. Hey genius, how will you feel a fire without the nerve endings and brain to feel it? You believe your Spirit can feel heat or cold? Just because you graduated Princeton doesn't by any means suggest you have "common sense". In fact, your exhibiting what I see most often, "Common ignorance and safety among the multitudes of the misguided".

 Just don't come here anymore...please.

Let's call them out

 If you're a man of color with money and it shows, never buy or own property in The Fountain Cove Condominium Association,
Cocoa Beach, Fl.
 I've been labeled a drug dealer because I wear jewelry and speak with correct grammar and pronunciation. Little do these little wrinkly "use to have" money people know is that I'm an engineer that helped build the NMCI program which is currently being used around the world to keep even racists safe from harm's way.
 There is a plus side, if I say, "Boo" they'll run like hell.

 These are the same people that want me in their religion and churches. Sad isn't it?

Seeking more arduous tasks

 Blogging and providing technical consultations plus managing Sytems Nicaragua is great yet these endeavors are all things I do in my sleep.
 I'm looking for a project anywhere in the world that takes the application of all the things I listed in this blog or at my website.
 To be honest, I'm bored.
 Don't worry about my payment, we can always work that out, I need a task that will broaden my skill set, I'm eligible for clearance in most countries that I know of.

CV 2017

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Do you have a company or business exploiting you? We can provide information to stop that

 Sys Nica can provide vital information about businesses that exploit the working man and or woman.
*This is the property of Systems Nicaragua and not a free service.

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