Thursday, October 11, 2018

So you think you know yourself

 The individuals that come to my blog on a regular basis probably all ready have in mind what I'm about to say.

 Life can't be found in yesterday or tomorrow, there is but "now". Look at any watch or clock and watch the second hand or seconds. Are you ready? Here comes your mark, "Now"!
 In that brief 1/000000000000000 of a second, you may have "known" now but for the rest of us less astute, the future became too small a time segment to remember.

 I can only imagine that you're stuck and fu$!ed like the rest of us.

Now I have a clue

 In my years of growing, I could never see what my mother saw when she described her fear of the life I chose. Yes, I was the wild child, if you can name it I probably did it.
She once told me that every time the phone wrang when I was out she thought it was the hospital or the morgue. 

 Now my puppy has an immune system deficiency and although this analogy pales in comparison, it's all that I have 
 Trust me when I say, "My puppy's medications outweighs my own".

 I'm going through hell in a controlled way yet I can't see in any way how my mom had that luxury.

 I no longer pray since my mom has moved onto the next life but once again, I apologize mom.

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

I gave myself a dose much needed R & R

 I began here >.

 ..and then >

....ended right here with this guy, chuckles...

  Now I'll do what I always do, sit back with a little smile and wonder would these 3 men get along?

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