Saturday, July 1, 2017

I actually worked on my own website, WHAT?

 Yes, I took the time to work on my own website, something that I never have time to do. Now before we get started let me tell you from the beginning, "I'm not cheap". I don't do cheap work, I don't contract to "phone people", I build high end projects and they cost.

 Have a look around, trying to view this from a phone because you have no computer, this is out of your league.

 Niko J > Owner.

I'm about to fire this restart this fire

 I let this blog sit dormant for over a year and it still gets 10 / 20 hits a day.
 I'm sitting here in Florida for 60 more days (gosh damn) until I fly out to Puerto Vallarta for 6 months and continue on back home to Ta Khmau so...
 Let's find some very interesting new technology, shall we?

 Kick off is at some point tomorrow morning, wet your whistle with this >

I'm much more than a systems engineer.

Welcome to, "Niko's Kitchen".

 The flavors depicted in this post originate from N. York, Hamilton, TO, Nova Scotia, Kadena AFB - Okinawa, Osaka, NY / NY, Boston, Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, VA, PA, NC, SC, FL, Puerto Rico, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Portugal, Cambodia and a couple more that I forgot...

Did you actually think that all I did was twist wires?

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