Tuesday, August 1, 2017

All complaints must be submitted in writing to:


The Division of Real Estate administers the provisions of Chapter 475, Florida Statutes, relating to real estate sales associates, brokers, and real estate appraisers who hold Florida real estate and/or appraisal licenses.  The enforcement process begins at the inspection/audit level when periodic and routine reviews of business and office activities determine compliance with Florida law.  Real Estate investigators are authorized to issue notices of noncompliance or citations with fines if minor violations are discovered.  Other violations are documented for evaluation and possible prosecution.
The Bureau of Enforcement ensures compliance with the provisions of the law and attendant administrative rules by conducting investigations to determine whether any person has violated or is about to violate the provisions of the law.  These investigations are initiated as a result of inspections, audits, consumer complaints, and inquiries, or upon the recommendation of the Florida Real Estate Commission or the Florida Real Estate Appraisal Board.  Inspections, audits, and investigations are conducted from ten (10) regional offices throughout the state.
All complaints must be submitted in writing to:
Attention: Consumer Complaints Section
DBPR - Division of Real Estate
400 West Robinson Street, Suite N801
Orlando, FL 32801-1757
The complaint should clearly identify the subject of the complaint and the allegations. Copies of all pertinent documents concerning the allegation must be included with the complaint (i.e. contracts, closing documents, disclosures, checks front and back, etc.). If the complaint is opened for investigation, the subject will be made aware of the allegations, provided with a copy of the complaint that initiated the investigation, and requested to respond to the allegations; unless the nature of the complaint merits a confidential investigation. Please use form RE-2200-1, the Uniform Complaint Form. 
Please send only one copy of your complaint.  Sending duplicates could cause a delay in the processing of your complaint. More information can be found under FAQs.
Pursuant to Chapter 455, Florida Statutes, the complaint and all information obtained pursuant to the investigation is confidential until 10 days after probable cause is found to exist. Investigations differ in complexity and duration, so providing a definite time of completion is not possible. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding in this matter.

The Bureau of Unlicensed Activity is responsible for coordinating unlicensed activity stings and sweeps through the Regional Program Administrators, as well as providing information to consumers and other regulators regarding the dangers of using unlicensed individuals. Please use form RE-2200-1, the Uniform Complaint Form.
Toll-free Complaint Line
DBPR has a toll-free number for unlicensed activity complaints. Consumers may now report unlicensed activity toll-free at 1.866.532.1440.

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